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Jessica Carlson Berdei

Jessica Carlson Berdei has over a decade of experience in dance education, and specializes in ballet and injury prevention.

Jess recently completed the Level One Dance Teacher and Practitioner Training with noted dance physiotherapist Lisa Howell, which emphasizes appropriate recruitment of muscles and fascial mobility for better dance training.

She has also completed the Sugarfoot Therapy teacher training workshop, which helps dance teachers develop personalized cross training exercises for their dancers, based on movement assessments and specific knowledge of muscular inefficiencies.

Her choreography has been performed at local shows and venues such as Lafayette’s Steampunk Festival, Louisiana Kids performances and Acadiana Village’s Noel Acadien.

She creates ballet reproductions of classic stories with a twist, including the Lion King, Cinderella and The Nutcracker. She also creates mini “ballet stories” for primary and beginner classes which train basic ballet movements while maintaining the sense of joy and movement found in imaginative play.