201 Albertson Pkwy, Broussard
(337) 541-1278

Primary Ballet & Tap

Get your little one moving with Primary Ballet and Tap! Children ages 2-5 will learn movement skills and coordination in a fun, secure environment.

They’ll learn skills like:

  • Basic body positions
  • Rhythmic movements
  • Making friends while moving together
  • How to make basic tap sounds

For more information on how to sign up for classes, click here.

Class tuition is $45.00 per month, or contact us to ask about individual class rates.

Look here to find our classes and events calendar, or check out our other 2019-2020 classes!

Please Note: New students will need ballet and tap shoes, as well as tights and leotards. We recommend The Ultimate for all dance apparel – just tell them you’re with Balance Point, and they’ll do the rest!